Education & Economic Development | WakeTech - Local Asset For Your Business - Shared screen with speaker view
Matt Smith
Wake Tech is the BEST! Thanks to all the sponsors for telling the story!
Perry Price
Chat and Q&A boxes are open this morning. Please submit questions through the Q&A box so our panelists can answer them!
Julie Paul
Bond Brothers - Great vibes, relaxed. Really added to DT Cary!
Cherith Roberson
The webinars are currently mostly LIVE only and are often available. You can view the whole schedule here: https://www.ncsbc.net/events.aspx?mode=4
Mark Bertoncino
Most of the NCTAP manufacturers and maybe some of the automotive would also be interested. Mechatronics was our original target, but at the time WT only had MET
Matt Smith
Mark — the best thing any of you can do to help this grow is to HIRE APPRENTICES through Wake Tech. We do all the hard work. But our region, our country needs to do more of this. Europe has figured this out - great things are happening there. Let’s get on board!